/* These three effectively hide the rail but keep the search box */ /* Hide the three widgets */ .WikiaActivityModule, .WikiaPagesOnWikiModule, .LatestPhotosModule, .PopularBlogPostsModule, .WikiaPopularBlogPostsModule, .WikiaSpotlightsModule, #WikiaSpotlightsModule {display:none !important; width:0 !important;}

/* Increase the width of the actual page content */ .WikiaArticle {width:980px !important;} .WikiaPageHeader details {width:970px !important;} .WikiaArticleCategories {width:950px !important;}

/* Same as above but for preview */ .skin-oasis #wikiPreview {margin-right:10px !important;}

/*No Facebook*/ .fb_edge_widget_with_comment { display:none !important; }
  { color: black !important; }

.mw-headline { font-weight: bold; }

/* Hide the 'share' button */ li#ca-share_feature {display:none !important;}

/* Remove bottom ads */

  1. WikiaArticleBottomAd {display: none !important;}
  1. WikiaRail section {
     display:none !important;

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